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Pain for Parents - Plea for Relief

Jackie Fenaroli | October 28, 2014

Murrieta Valley School parents are having more than their fair share of challenges on the streets around campus and the end isn't in sight. Many Parents have been plagued with traffic infractions as result of the City of Murrieta's intent to aggressively prosecute parking sign violations by compelling parents to Superior Court. Read More...

Mooney's Moves: Murrieta Valley High School Sets Students Up for Success, So Let's Start the Day off Right

Jackie Fenaroli | October 03, 2014

Murrieta Valley High School parents and students are happy to be gaining access to internationally recognized academic programs, resources and positive parent engagement in Principal Eric Mooney's second year at the school. In addition to the successful, popular International Baccalaureate Program (IB) for upperclassmen, the Murrieta principal is also paying attention to the safety and comfort of students, parents, and the school community with an eye to improving school traffic flow. Read More...

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